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Summary: GradPro offers streamlined administrative processes for the entire life-cycle of the student. From inquiry to graduation and beyond, each administrative department can use the software system to maintain student records, produce necessary reports and much more. GradPro facilitates a better process of communication between students, faculty, administration, and staff members. It encourages staff to spend less time on manual tasks and more time with students.

Pricing: The initial GradPro license fee is calculated based on a “snap–shot” of the school’s FTE (full–time student equivalent). For assistance calculating your FTE, contact the RobinSoft sales team at 800.486.5839. Our unique licensing structure enables you to rest assured that as your school grows far beyond the original FTE, you will not have to obtain an additional GradPro license. Licensing has the added benefit of implementation training. During implementation, RobinSoft provides your end users with complimentary onsite training. The training is department specific and gives your staff a jump start on using their new system.
  • For a quote specifically tailored to your school’s needs and budget, contact the Sales Team at 800.486.5839 or send an email.
  • For an online demonstration customized specifically for your school, click Demo.

Continuing education on the GradPro system is available for campus staff. This option is especially appealing during times of staff growth, turnover, or for other reasons . For information on the delivery methods and pricing for supplemental training, please contact the RobinSoft training team at 800.486.5839 or send an email.
  • Online Training – conducted via internet at the convenience of the trainee.
  • Onsite Training – conducted on the school’s campus.

What is Included?
  • Extended on-site training included in license price.
  • Installation included in license price.
  • GradPro Tech Support included in annual fees.
  • Software upgrades included in annual fees.

What areas are covered?
  • Admissions/Recruitment.
  • Registrar/Student Records.
  • Bursar/Student Billing.
  • Financial Aid Tracking.
  • Faculty/Academics.
  • Database Security/Utilities.
  • Alumni Tracking/Donation Receipts & Reports.
  • Job Placement Tracking.
  • Staff/Faculty Tracking (Load Hours).

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